Chronos 75 CX: Incredibly Stable. Unbelievably Durable.

Perhaps the World's Most Durable Heli

Our super-durable heli is engineered to be nearly unbreakable in most crashes. However, should you need to replace anything, a full line of replacement parts is available.

Unsurpassed Stability

Chronos CX 75’s coaxial, counter-rotating blades offer unsurpassed hands-off stability while cancelling out rotational torque and using differential rotor speed for tail control. The result is an easy to fly heli perfect for all first-time pilots.

The Chronos CX 75 Story

Ares Ultra-Micro Chronos CX 75 RTFThe incredible stability and durability of the Ares Chronos CX 75 makes it easy and fun for anyone to fly an RC helicopter.  The co-axial, counter-rotating blade design offers unsurpassed stability that will have any pilot hovering like a pro in no time, while fully proportional controls deliver excellent maneuverability and control.

The Chronos CX 75’s nano-micro size and low weight make it possible to fly indoors almost anywhere, and the included 110mAh 1S 3.7V LiPo battery delivers plenty of power and flight times of up to 10+ minutes per charge.  In addition, our super-durable heli is nearly unbreakable in most crashes!  However, should you need to replace anything, a full line of parts is available.

There is no better way to enjoy piloting an RC helicopter than with the Chronos CX 75.  Even if you’ve never flown before, you’ll be flying like a pro in no time.