Image Item Number Description
AZS1206 AZS1206 6-Channel Park Flyer Receiver: Gamma 370
AZS1207 AZS1207 9-Gram Sub-Micro Servo: Gamma 370
AZS1207GS AZS1207GS 9-Gram Sub-Micro Servo Gear Set: Gamma 370
AZS1208AMD2 AZS1208AMD2 6HPA 6-Channel HP Airplane Transmitter, Mode 2: Gamma 370
AZS1209 AZS1209 370 Motor w/Pinion Gear: Gamma 370
AZS1210 AZS1210 20-Amp Brushed Motor ESC: Gamma 370
AZS1211 AZS1211 370 Gearbox w/Shaft: Gamma 370
AZS1212 AZS1212 370 Gearbox Propeller Shaft w/Gear: Gamma 370
AZS1213 AZS1213 Standard Wing Set: Gamma 370
AZS1214 AZS1214 Tail Set: Gamma 370
AZS1215 AZS1215 Fuselage Set: Gamma 370
AZS1216 AZS1216 Main Landing Gear Set: Gamma 370
AZS1217 AZS1217 Landing Gear Mount/Battery Hatch Set: Gamma 370
AZS1218 AZS1218 Tail Wheel Set: Gamma 370
AZS1219 AZS1219 Pushrod Set: Gamma 370
AZS1220 AZS1220 Control Horn Set: Gamma 370
AZS1221 AZS1221 Cowl: Gamma 370
AZS1222 AZS1222 Prop Saver: Gamma 370
AZS1223 AZS1223 Spinner: Gamma 370
AZS1224 AZS1224 Decal Sheet: Gamma 370
AZS1225 AZS1225 Rubber Bands (8): Gamma 370
AZSB10002S20T AZSB10002S20T 1000mAh 2-Cell/2S 7.4V 20C LiPo Battery, Tamiya Connector: Gamma 370
AZSC1205PS AZSC1205PS 1205PS 100-120V AC to 12V DC Adapter, 0.5-Amp Power Supply: Gamma 370
AZSC205C AZSC205C 205C 2-Cell/2S 7.4V LiPo, 0.5A DC Balancing Charger: Gamma 370
AZSP0860SF AZSP0860SF 8 x 6 Slow Flyer Propeller: Gamma 370
AZSP0970SF AZSP0970SF 9 x 7 Slow Flyer Propeller: Gamma 370


Image Item Number Description
AZS1226 AZS1226 Wing Set, Aileron, Aerobatic (Gamma 370)
AZS1227 AZS1227 Motor, Mount and ESC Combo, 370 Brushless Power System (Gamma 370)
AZS1228 AZS1228 Motor Mount, 370 Brushless Outrunner (Gamma 370)
AZS1229 AZS1229 Motor, Brushless Outrunner, 1250Kv (Gamma 370)
AZS1230 AZS1230 Motor Brushless ESC, 18-Amp (Gamma 370)
  AZSB10003S20D Battery, LiPo 1000mAh 3-Cell/3S 11.1V 20C, Deans Connector
AZSC305C AZSC305C Balancing Charger, 305C 3-Cell/3S 11.1V LiPo, 0.5A DC (Gamma 370 Pro, P-51D Mustang 350)