Take your flying skills to the NEXT level!
Ares Advantage Optim 80 CP

Aegis Flight Stabilization System

The Optim 80 CP uses a state of the art 6-axis Aegis Flight Stabilization System which allows you to fly basic sport maneuvers with control that is similar to that of a CX heli or quad. If you happen to get into trouble, all you have to do is let go of the sticks and the 80 CP will right itself, return to a level hover and avoid a potential crash.

Aegis Natural Flight Progression

Step 1: If you’re new to CP flight, with Aegis Natural Flight Progression (NFP), your first step with the Optim 80 CP is to fly in stable mode using the advanced 6-axis Flight Stabilization System (FSS). In this mode you can get comfortable flying basic sport maneuvers.  

Step 2: When you’re ready to give 3D flying a try, just the flip of a switch puts you into 3-axis control mode and you’re able to try just about any 3D move you can imagine.

Step 3: If you get out of control, just flipping the switch back to the 6-axis Flight Stabilization System (FSS) automatically stabilizes the heli in normal upright flight – helping to make the Optim 80 CP the best product on the market to help you progress from sport flying to 3D flight!

The Optim 80 CP Story

Ares Ultra-Micro Optim 80 CP RTFWhether you’re looking to advance from your first CX heli or quad, or you're an experienced heli pilot looking for some flying fun around the house, the Ares (air-eez) Optim 80 CP is the product for you.

When flying in stabilized mode, the 6-axis system allows you to fly the Optim 80 CP comfortably with control similar to that of a CX heli. When you’re ready for a little more flying adventure, just the flip of a switch on your transmitter puts the 80 CP in agility mode so you test your skills making nimble maneuvers you never thought possible. Better yet, if your heli happens to get out of control, just flipping the switch back to the 6-axis system will help you recover and avoid most mishaps that would cause similar helis in the market to end up in a crash!

The Ares Optim 80 CP comes 100% factory-assembled in your choice of 2 attractive, highly visible canopies, and is powered by a coreless motor and a 150mAh 25C battery. Also included are a 2.4Ghz transmitter and a power cord that allows you to charge conveniently from the AA transmitter batteries that come with your purchase. With nothing extra to buy, you’ll be flying your Optim 80 CP around your house within minutes of opening the box!