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Gamma 370

Gamma 370 RTF
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Gamma 370 RFR (Ready-For-Receiver)
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First-time flyer stability plus sport flyer flexibility and performance in one incredible airplane!

Gamma 370


Image Item Number Description
AZS1206 AZS1206 6-Channel Park Flyer Receiver: Gamma 370
AZS1207 AZS1207 9-Gram Sub-Micro Servo: Gamma 370
AZS1207GS AZS1207GS 9-Gram Sub-Micro Servo Gear Set: Gamma 370
AZS1208AMD2 AZS1208AMD2 6HPA 6-Channel HP Airplane Transmitter, Mode 2: Gamma 370
AZS1209 AZS1209 370 Motor w/Pinion Gear: Gamma 370
AZS1210 AZS1210 20-Amp Brushed Motor ESC: Gamma 370
AZS1211 AZS1211 370 Gearbox w/Shaft: Gamma 370
AZS1212 AZS1212 370 Gearbox Propeller Shaft w/Gear: Gamma 370
AZS1213 AZS1213 Standard Wing Set: Gamma 370
AZS1214 AZS1214 Tail Set: Gamma 370
AZS1215 AZS1215 Fuselage Set: Gamma 370
AZS1216 AZS1216 Main Landing Gear Set: Gamma 370
AZS1217 AZS1217 Landing Gear Mount/Battery Hatch Set: Gamma 370
AZS1218 AZS1218 Tail Wheel Set: Gamma 370
AZS1219 AZS1219 Pushrod Set: Gamma 370
AZS1220 AZS1220 Control Horn Set: Gamma 370
AZS1221 AZS1221 Cowl: Gamma 370
AZS1222 AZS1222 Prop Saver: Gamma 370
AZS1223 AZS1223 Spinner: Gamma 370
AZS1224 AZS1224 Decal Sheet: Gamma 370
AZS1225 AZS1225 Rubber Bands (8): Gamma 370
AZSB10002S20T AZSB10002S20T 1000mAh 2-Cell/2S 7.4V 20C LiPo Battery, Tamiya Connector: Gamma 370
AZSC1205PS AZSC1205PS 1205PS 100-120V AC to 12V DC Adapter, 0.5-Amp Power Supply: Gamma 370
AZSC205C AZSC205C 205C 2-Cell/2S 7.4V LiPo, 0.5A DC Balancing Charger: Gamma 370
AZSP0860SF AZSP0860SF 8 x 6 Slow Flyer Propeller: Gamma 370
AZSP0970SF AZSP0970SF 9 x 7 Slow Flyer Propeller: Gamma 370