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Ethos QX 75

Ethos QX 75 Nano-Micro RTF Quadcopter
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A capable and durable nano-micro sized quadcopter anyone can fly — and flip — indoors or out!

Ethos QX 75


Image Item Number Description
AZSH1203 AZSH1203 DC USB Power Cable/Cord for Dual Port Charger: Ethos QX 75
AZSH1204 AZSH1204 1-Cell/1S 3.7V LiPo, 0.4A Dual Port DC USB Charger: Ethos QX 75
AZSH1205 AZSH1205 300mAh 1-Cell/1S 3.7V 15C LiPo Battery, Micro A Connector: Ethos QX 75
AZSH1206 AZSH1206 4-in-1 Control Unit, Rx/ESCs/Mixer/Gyros: Ethos QX 75
AZSH1208 AZSH1208 M4LPQ Micro 4-Channel LP Quadcopter Transmitter, Mode 2: Ethos QX 75
AZSH1209 AZSH1209 Clockwise Rotation Motor, Mount and Boom Assembly: Ethos QX 75
AZSH1210 AZSH1210 Counter-Clockwise Rotation Motor, Mount and Boom Assembly: Ethos QX 75
AZSH1212 AZSH1212 Main Frame: Ethos QX 75
AZSH1213R AZSH1213R Body/Canopy, Red: Ethos QX 75
AZSH1213Y AZSH1213Y Body/Canopy, Yellow: Ethos QX 75
  AZSH1618 Propeller/Rotor Blade, 2 Orange/ 2 White (Spectre X, Ethos QX75)