Ares Quantum Video

Size Matters

When it comes to outdoor flying there’s no substitute for size and this is where the Quantum scores. Being larger it’s able to tackle wind strengths that smaller quads struggle to handle.

Steady as She Goes

With its state-of-the-art flight control system featuring independent motor accelerometer processing the Quantum irons out gusty conditions and keeps you locked on the level.

Flight Modes

Three different flight modes, that vary from super-stable to fast and furious, offer increased maneuverability with each step, allowing you to expand the capabilities of the quad as your flying skills grow.

Highly Visible

Thanks to its contrasting front / rear colour scheme, ultra-bright downward-facing LED lights and forward-facing headlight the Quantum is highly visible, even in the dark!

The Quantum Story

Ares Ultra-Micro Quantum RTFIf quad flying is something you’ve recently added to your ‘must do’ list then you’ll be on the lookout for a ‘copter that’s smooth and responsive, suitable for both indoor and outdoor flight and, of course, tough. Ideally it’ll also be a machine that doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t cloud your enjoyment of flying with the complexity and distraction of cameras and FPV systems. Not an easy thing to find in our technology-led times, however at Ares we’ve recognised this need and have answered it with the Quantum. Offering all the presence, control authority and flight stabilisation assistance of the camera-equipped Quantum FPV, while also maintaining the 360° flip function, for when you get really proficient, this is the way to enjoy quad flying in its purest form. But that’s not all, to help you progress we’ve included three different flight modes that vary from super-stable to fast and furious, and we’ve given you lights, too. Four bright LEDs on the underside coupled with a forward-facing headlight make night flying a practical, fun proposition.

Supplied completely ready to fly with a full-size LCD-equipped transmitter, a long-duration 2S 350mAh rechargeable LiPo battery and USB charger, the Quantum is a well-appointed line-of-sight sport and training machine that’ll have you hooked in no time and eager to take the next step.