Image Item Number Description  
AZS1107 Rotary Servo Mechanics Replacement (UMT, Tiger Moth 75)
AZS1157 Actuator Magnetic Replacemnt (NMS, Stick 75/Tiger Moth 75)
AZS1158AMD2 M3LPA-100C Micro 3-Channel LP Airplane Transmitter with 100mA Charger, Mode 2 (Stick 75/Tiger Moth 75)
AZS1301 Nano-Micro without Transmitter WOT (Tiger Moth 75)
AZS1306 3-Channel, 3-in-1 Control Unit (for Magnetic Actuator), Rx/Sx/ESC (Tiger Moth 75)
AZS1309 Motor with Pinion Gear (Tiger Moth 75)
AZS1311 Gearbox with Shaft (Tiger Moth 75)
AZS1312 Propeller Shaft with Gear (Tiger Moth 75)
AZS1313 Wing Set with Decals (Tiger Moth 75)
AZS1314 Tail Set with Decals (Tiger Moth 75)
AZS1315 Fuselage with Decals (Tiger Moth 75)
AZS1316 Main Landing Gear Set (Tiger Moth 75)
AZS1317 Elevator Pushrod (Tiger Moth 75)
AZS1318 Wing Strut Set (Tiger Moth 75)
AZSB501S10UM LiPo 1S 50mAh 3.7V 10C, Ultra-Micro
AZSP0320215NM 3.2 x 2.15 (80 x 55mm) Nano-Micro Propeller with Spinner (NMS)


Image Item Number Description